The Candlelight Guitarist® - go 2 SITEMAP
The Candlelight Guitarist® - go 2 SITEMAP

"The soul gives unity to what it looks at with love. "
- Thomas Carlyle

"Remember to Live."
- Goethe

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The Candlelight Guitarist ®

What people are saying...

"The album will probably surpass your expectations, as it did for me. Seldom do I hear music so perfectly balanced with nature sounds where the music is of such high quality - soft yet not syrupy, melodic but not shallow or sing-songy, sincere without being overblown or pretentious.

"...the whole album is excellent. The pace is never hurried, thankfully. The words "rest and renewal" are well-earned. However, I can't help but think that this album would also play well in a car during a leisurely drive through the woods or along the shores of a lake.

"...If you're someone who enjoys acoustic guitar can't go wrong with The Candlelight Guitarist's Music for Rest and Renewal."

- Bill Binkelman, host of Wind and Wire, on KFAI "Fresh Air Radio" 90.3 FM and 106.7 FM
(KFAI a member of the Association of Minnesota Public Educational Radio Stations ~

For Bill Binkelmans full review of The Candlelight Guitarist: Music for Rest & Renewal, go to:
"The CD is indeed a rare find, for there was not one track that I was compelled to skip or fast forward. Normally I have a difficult time listening to something unless it is exceedingly good. I'm happy to say that, try as I might, I could not pick any one favorite, as all of the selections were excellent. A few, like "Rainy Day Canon", and "Happy Is" could play in the background of each minute of my day and I would not grow weary of them. I highly recommend this beautifully performed CD."

- Carol Welch ~ TLC Giftbaskets, Mechanicsville, VA

***** (5 stars) "Perfect" ~ "A perfect blend of instrumental music with nature sounds. Truly the best I have heard in a long time. The music is immediately soothing and melodic,..with each playing I loved it more. If you are feeling down-in-the-dumps, then you need Brad Powell. It'll lift you out of the doldrums, guaranteed. I highly recommend this cd and his "Soul Mates & Kindred Spirits"

- Gillian Sawaged (Canada), February 7, 2005 ~ TOP 500 Reviewer.

"I listen to The Candlelight Guitarist when doing surgery. The music is very peaceful and relaxing, and I really enjoy it."

-Tiffany Blocker, DVM, Tustin, CA -

"From the first gentle melodies on the instrumental album "Music for Rest & Renewal" to the final note, I felt transported to some of the most beautiful places on earth. Guitarist Bradley Powell, "the Candlelight Guitarist" infuses each of his original compositions with feelings of warmth and gentle assurance that all is well in the world. Flutes and nature sounds accompany acoustic guitar with such perfect ease and grace that I feel my heart rate and breathing noticeably becalmed. "Music for Rest & Renewal" is the perfect background music for anyone interested in receiving the benefits of sound healing."

- Cynthia Sue Larson - ~ May 2005 ~

***** (5 stars) "Perfect for relaxing at home, at work, or in the car"

- Beth Cholette "doctor_beth" (Upstate NY USA), January 27, 2005 ~ TOP 500 Reviewer.

I received the cd yesterday and I really love it. I have already listened to it 3 times. I am definitely going to put this in a new gift basket I am designing.

- Beverly Schmidlin ~ Elaine Candace Gift Baskets

"But by Sunday afternoon, I'm ready for a short snooze to catch up on the sleep I've missed by getting up extra early. Since I only take them on Sunday afternoons, naps are special to me, and I like to set the mood for them so that I can enjoy them the most. Full of delicious anticipation when I feel the drowsiness starting to descend after lunch, I'll close the curtains enough to darken the room a little, but leave them open enough to let in the breeze. I'll turn on the stereo and play soft background music to filter into my dreams. My new favorite to listen to is classical guitar music by Bradley Powell."

- Vicki Blizzard, in Creativity e-Letter (8/2/04) the world's largest free crafting and creativity e-newsletter.

***** (FIVE STARS) ~ Bradley Powell Continues to Enchant
The Candlelight Guitarist has done it again - created an album of music for the guitar, incidental instruments, and nature sounds that, while it may not be the quiet atmosphere for solitude that makes his album MUSIC FOR REST & RENEWAL so popular, it demonstrates other aspects of this very talented composer and performer. All of the tracks on this well engineered CD reflect his sensitivity for friends as soul mates and fellow spirits. The range of composition is varied and sophisticated and is more celebratory than his previous album. Yes, these are tunes with friends in mind and thus are happy and listener friendly. Powell is supported by some fine instrumentalists here but somehow, for this listener he is best in the solo tracts where is supple technique is most apparent. And though `Giving Wings' closes the album with an almost Albinoni orchestral intro, he develops the lovely melody with what sounds to be keyboards simulation of orchestra - maybe this is what he has in mind for his next project, a guitar concerto! By the way the CD fades into the atmosphere with the sound of waves and the composer's dogs in the background and this touch reminds us just how warmly human is The Candlelight Guitarist."

- Grady Harp, TOP 10 Reviewer

[Soul Mates & Kindred Spirits is] "an engaging collection of instrumental tunes, led by one of the better acoustic guitarists out there. Kudos to Bradley Powell... Recommended."

- Bill Binkelman, host of Wind and Wire, on KFAI "Fresh Air Radio" 90.3 FM and 106.7 FM
(KFAI a member of the Association of Minnesota Public Educational Radio Stations ~

For Bill Binkelmans full review of The Candlelight Guitarist: Soul Mates & Kindred Spirits, go to:
***** (FIVE STARS) ~ A Deep Sigh of the Heart
"Bradley Powell's music is infused with natural ambience. As rich sounds renew your spirit, you can relax into a deep sigh of the heart. His style is artistic, heart healing and filled with romantic and cultural influences. This is a blend of soulful Spanish, velvet jazz and dreamy classical guitar. The sounds range from crystal clarity to deep ocean echoes.

This rich landscape of sounds is perfect for inducing dreams and ancient memories or for creating ocean atmospheres for luxurious warm scented baths with sea salts. I love the delicate mingling of ocean sounds recorded at Huntington Beach and Malibu. These sounds were recorded by Bradley Powell and they help to create a mood of reflection.

Bradley Powell's flawless playing allows you to completely relax into sleep or relax into an evening of candlelight and romance. I've fallen into a peaceful sleep while listening to this music and have also spent relaxing afternoons reading while The Candlelight Guitarist wove an intricate tapestry of sounds to nurture my heart.

Throughout the 16 instrumental tracks, there is a spontaneous mingling of sounds that is reminiscent of a soulful conversation with a friend. The notes dance together creating an array of textures and sounds.

The beautiful cover art is an original painting by Claire Kitcher. Her art seems to reflect the mood on this CD and I must say Bradley Powell's music is definitely art. To soothe a soul into a tranquil space of musical paradise is definitely a skill that requires the participation of an artist's heart.

- Rebecca Johnson "The Rebecca Review, looking for beauty in the world" (Washington State) ~ October 30, 2004 TOP 10 Reviewer.

***** (FIVE STARS) ~ A Soothing And Romantic Instrumental
"The talented and creative Bradley Powell is the Candlelight Guitarist. His music is original and some of the most soul soothing I have ever heard. "Soul Mates and Kindred Spirits" is his second CD and is sure to receive the same warm reception as his first, "Music For Rest And Renewal." The original release had Mr. Powell playing solo on the acoustic guitar, accompanied by sounds from nature, including the ocean, birds, rainfall, a stream and waterfall, fireside and night sounds. This latest offering has more of a contemporary, romantic, smooth jazz sound, which is good, although I'm a nature person myself. I live in NYC and am really deprived of natural white noise.

Other musicians join Powell on the 16 new tracks offered here, adding a fuller instrumental sound to the mix. A few of my favorites include, "Gift of the Heart," backed by strings, as well as some of the sounds of nature I am so taken with. "Wild Ponies," with its percussion rhythm, is a track I particularly enjoy, as well as many of the cuts with flute accompaniment.

I often come home from work stressed-out to the max, put this CD on and after a while the tension just flows away to the strains of this easy-on-the-ears music. A perfect instrumental album to play during a cozy dinner for two, or on a rainy Sunday afternoon - just the right sound for kicking back and relaxing. Accompanying Powell here are kindred spirits, Joey Cataldo on drums; Perez D'Agostino, percussion; Gilberto Hildavio, alto, soprano and bass flutes, English horn, clarinets; Mark Massey, Rhodes piano (on cuts 3, 12, 14); Darius Channing, keyboards; Mark Adams, French horn; and David Siebels, conductor on tracks 2, 8, 16.

The artist features a quotation on his Website, by Ralph Waldo Emerson, which is extremely appropriate to the music he makes, "Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything that is beautiful; for beauty is God's handwriting -- a wayside sacrament. Welcome it in every fair face, in every fair sky, in every fair flower, and thank God for it as a cup of blessing." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

I highly recommend "Soul Mates and Kindred Spirits." It has quiet soul and is good for the heart.

- Jana L. Perskie "ceruleana" (New York, NY USA) ~ April 27, 2005 TOP 50 Reviewer.

***** (FIVE STARS) ~ "Gorgeous music"
"Have you ever had one of those days? You wake up on the wrong side of the bed. You stub your toe getting out of bed. You burn your toast. Miss the bus. Late in to work and the boss yells at you. You miss a deadline, you miss lunch, and then you miss the bus again. You pay an exorbitant fee for a taxi home, and when you get there you find that there's nothing for dinner. Well,'re not alone. That is when you need a Soul Mate & Kindred Spirit. Pop this cd into your stereo and let these gorgeous sounds relax and restore you. The only thing it cannot do is stop the grumbling in your go get some food. Food and this'll go to bed feeling restored...guaranteed. :)"

- Gillian Sawaged (Canada), February 7, 2005 ~ TOP 500 Reviewer.

***** (FIVE STARS) ~ "Can't even choose a favorite song on this one..."
"As the Executive Director of Family/Partner Abuse and Sexual Assault prevention and intervention services for a three county area, I work in a world that is often filled with crisis and interruption; fear and problemsolving; transition and disappointment; joy and sadness; budgets and grants; budgets and grants; budgets and grants!!!!

I have searched and searched for music that would provide me with the sense of SOLITUDE that I need to work productively as well as the PEACE that I strive for in order to keep me centered and effective as a service provider, parent,community member, partner, friend, and lover.

I ordered Rest and Renewal on a whim and a gut feeling. This CD is testament for listening more closely to one's intuition! I have listened to this CD at least twice per workday since I receiv ed it and am considering purchasing another one for home.

I can't wait for the release of the next CD. As an avid "horseperson," I will probably even frame the next Candlelight Guitarist's CD cover for my office wall; it's beautiful, as I am sure the music inside will be as well."

- Jean Ann Evanchik (Platteville, Wisconsin United States) January 19, 2004



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